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Volunteer For Hospice

As a volunteer you are invited into one of the most intimate and significant times of the people with whom we work. By providing respite for the caregiver, being good company, listening, and being there with your entire being you demonstrate the compassionate care and support that is the foundation of hospice care.

They can provide:

Volunteers are members of our community who have received 30 hours of basic training, supervised by the hospice coordinator. They are sensitive to personal, cultural, and religious values, beliefs, and practices.

  • Help with practical, day-to-day needs like shopping, appointments, and outings.
  • Respite care to give at-home caregivers a break.
  • Sympathetic listeners who can talk about the complex emotions related to dying.
  • Support to help access information needed on end-of-life issues.
  • Ongoing bereavement support after the death of a loved one.

We provide ongoing monthly volunteer education and support throughout the volunteer/client relationship, along with the initial training held annually. The amount of time volunteers are asked to commit is based on client needs. If a client needs additional support, we will provide them with additional volunteers.

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Other ways to help

Volunteers take part in fundraising activities and special events. They also help with office tasks and serve on the Board of Directors or other working groups. If you are interested in volunteering, please use the same volunteer intake form provided above.

Hear from Our Volunteers

“Before I met my first client, I was very nervous. Even though I had just completed the 10-week hospice volunteer training course, I wasn’t sure that I was ready to actually work with someone who was dying. Now, three weeks after John died, I feel honoured to have been able to spend time with him and Nancy. The more time I spent with John and Nancy, the more I felt that I was the one receiving a special gift. During last week John didn’t talk at all but would open his eyes then smile when he saw me. I wasn’t there when he died, but Nancy said he looked up at her, smiled, then closed his eyes for the last time.”

— G.K., Nelson volunteer

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Nelson & District Hospice Society works closely with healthcare providers, counsellors, therapists, clergy, and pharmacists to provide compassionate care and support for the dying and the bereaved in our communities.

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