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At Nelson and District Hospice Society, our purpose is to foster a compassionate and inclusive community that embraces the full journey of life, illness, death and bereavement. We are dedicated to help normalize and de-stigmatize these universal experiences, recognizing the far-reaching benefits that doing so brings to both our community and the well-being of those within it.

The mission of Nelson and District Hospice Society is to provide palliative and bereavement care that focuses on support, respite, and advocacy at no cost. Trained volunteers from Nelson Hospice will work as part of a caregiving team that includes doctors, hospital and facility staff, home health professionals, home support, other nursing and allied providers, and spiritual leaders. Our volunteers will companion those in our community who are interested in finding ways to live fully during a serious illness, the dying process or bereavement. Nelson and District Hospice Society aims to provide dependable and accessible services wherever they are needed. In working with those in need and their caregivers, our volunteers strive to apply caring and compassion to support people navigating ways to ease symptoms, to make their lives comfortable, peaceful, and dignified. Nelson and District Hospice Society also works with those who are newly diagnosed or just beginning to confront serious illness and even as illness advances and roles shift.


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“You helped me navigate Dave's life with illness and now life without him physically present. I knew how much I appreciated the support, but working out of town for the last year and seeing the vacuum that exists for those in similar positions has given me yet another reason to be grateful for our community.”

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Nelson & District Hospice Society would like to thank all our funders, past and present, for their generous support which allows us to meet the needs of the community by offering a variety of services.

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Nelson & District Hospice Society works closely with healthcare providers, counsellors, therapists, clergy, and pharmacists to provide compassionate care and support for the dying and the bereaved in our communities.

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