Recommended Books

Final Gifts by Maggie Callanan, Trade Paperback , Bantam Books Canada,

Filled with practical advice on responding to the requests of the dying and helping them prepare emotionally and spiritually for death, this book shows readers how to help the dying person live fully to the very end. “A hopeful, helpful work . . . provides a gentle way to think about the unthinkable”.–“Publishers Weekly”


How We Die by Sherwin Nuland, Trade Paperback

In an age when death occurs in sterile seclusion and is cloaked in euphemism and taboo, How We Die is a vital revelation. Clearly, frankly, yet compassionately, it tells us how most of us are likely to die–and in doing so, suggests how we may live more fully and meaningfully. Written by a distinguished surgeon, How We Die succeeds in restoring death to its ancient place in human existence.

In Memorium by Henry Nouwen, Trade Paperback, Ave Maria Press

Noted spiritual writer, Henri J. M. Nouwen, wrote a brief reflection on the death of his mother solely for a small circle of family members and friends, but was persuaded to share it with a larger audience in this published version.

Healing Into Life and Death by Stephen Levine, Anchor Books

A pioneer in the death & dying movement, in Healing Into Life and Death, Stephen Levine deals directly with the choice and application of treatment, offering original techniques for working with pain and grief, and discusses the development of a merciful awareness as a means of healing, as well as how to encourage others to do the same.


What Dying People Want by David Kuhl, M.D., Anchor Canada

Facing death, and the fear and anxiety that arise from it, is part of the human experience. Though much has been done to address the physical pain by those with a terminal illness, western medicine has been slow to understand and alleviate the psychological and spiritual distress that comes with the knowledge of death. In What Dying People Want, internationally renowned palliative care physician Dr. David Kuhl begins to bridge that gap.