Local Services

Nelson and District Hospice Society strives to provide the best service possible with the resources that are available in the Nelson and East Shore communities. While there may be some differences in the provision of service in each community there is a commitment to work as part of a hospice palliative care team that includes family, health care professionals, community workers, hospice staff and volunteers and any other appropriate service providers. For more detailed information about hospice services in your community please contact your local area.

Services provided by Nelson and District Hospice Society include:

  • Practical and emotional support for people with terminal illness and their families which may be delivered in the home, hospital or care facility
  • Advocacy for those in need of hospice palliative care in our community
  • A regular 6 week grief support series (not in the summer)
  • A lending library in the East Shore on hospice palliative care, end-of life issues, grief and bereavement
  • Public education on end-of-life issues
  • Volunteer training programs

As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to:

  • visit homes, hospitals and long term care facilities 
  • provide companionship, emotional and practical support as well as information and access to resources
  • offer respite for caregivers
  • assist with appointments and errands
  • listen without judging or giving advice
  • respect individual personal beliefs, values and the need for  privacy and confidentiality
  • receive training, screening and ongoing support and   education

 Lending Library

 Books, audio-visual materials, articles and brochures related to hospice palliative care are available to the East Shore community through the hospice. In Nelson, the local library also has numerous titles related to the following:

  • Grief – general and for men, women and parents
  • Children and teen grief – for children, teens and adults
  • Living with cancer and other illnesses
  • Caregiving at home
  • End-of-life planning including advanced medical directives (living wills)
  • Death and dying
  • Funeral Arrangements
  • Hospice Palliative CareIf you would like to borrow or receive any of these resources please contact your local area or visit the Nelson Public Library for additional resources.

 Medical Equipment Loan Service

 There is a wide variety of medical equipment available to help support  hospice palliative clients in their homes in the West Kootenay area. Check this link for information about the loan centre nearest you.

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