There are many excellent resources available on the Internet dealing with all aspects of hospice palliative care.   The following sites give an overview of the structure on hospice palliative care in Canada as well as good general information.

Canadian Hospice and Palliative Care Association is the national association which provides leadership in hospice palliative care in Canada. CHPCA offers leadership in the pursuit of excellence in care for persons approaching death so that the burdens of suffering, loneliness and grief are lessened

British Columbia Hospice and Palliative Care Association hospice is an umbrella organization whose mission is to provide a leadership role for its member organizations and individuals to ensure quality of care for British Columbians faced with a life-threatening illness, death and bereavement.

Hospice Net provides information and support to patients and families facing life-threatening illnesses. Hospice Net is an independent, nonprofit organization working exclusively through the Internet. This site has many brief, articles about hospice palliative care directed to the patient and to the caregiver dealing with end of life issues, grief and bereavement.

Canadian Virtual Hospice is an interactive network for people dealing with life-threatening illness and loss. Patients, friends, volunteers and medical professionals can use this interactive site to explore end of life issues with peers.   Some of their wonderful resources can be found at, and

Growth House. Hospice Advocacy Organization, located in the San Franciso Bay area, whose influence extends throughout North America.

International Association for Hospice & Palliative Care. Information on Hospice Issues worldwide.

Hospice Foundation provides as excellent database on most hospice palliative care topics.

Excerpts from the book Handbook for Mortals:   Click on Reading Room and then select Handbook for Mortals

Living With Serious Illness
Enduring And Changing
Finding Meaning
Helping Family and Loved Ones
Talking With Your Doctor
Managing Other Symptoms
Learning About Specific Illnesses
Planning Ahead (Advance Care Planning)
Forgoing Medical Treatment
Tube Feeding (Fluids and Food)
Decisions About Resuscitation (CPR)
Decisions About Ventilation
Hastening Death
Coping With Events Near Death
Questions About Funerals
The Dying of Children
Dying Suddenly
Enduring Grief and Loss